Michael Thompson has been in prison for 24 years, serving what his attorneys say is essentially “a death sentence.”

Some people still refuse to accept the reality that the coronavirus is dangerous. Psychologists know some of the reasons why.

The return to college campuses this month has offered a preview into how the coronavirus pandemic has drastically reshaped the university experience.

Even during the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic, some Americans were not fans of wearing masks. Still, there are important differences between the opposition to masks in the 1918 pandemic and what we are seeing in 2020, according to historians.

Many weekends, high school teacher Emma Smreker can be found searching for treasure. Not at the bottom of the sea — but at the bottom of bookshelves. She often finds old plane tickets, business cards, or receipts hastily used as bookmarks — small clues that tell a story about the book’s previous owner.

Two men on death row for killing pair of British backpackers on a Thai island in 2014 have had their death sentences commuted to life imprisonment by the country’s king.

A zoo in Pennsylvania has welcomed two new adorable additions to its animal family.

Schools or pubs? That’s the choice some believe UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face when English students return to their classrooms next month. The country has only recently been able to open establishments like pubs and restaurants, which suffered badly during lockdown.

An Australian surfer repeatedly punched a great white shark to save his female companion who was being attacked by the animal in New South Wales state on Saturday.

Robert Trump, 71, the younger brother of President Donald Trump, died Saturday at a New York hospital, Donald Trump announced in a statement.

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