As the body counts rise, American cities remain ground zero for a deadly new reality.

We must take swift, decisive action to ensure that we all have the opportunity to participate in a safe, secure and credible election.

First things first: The theme song of the week is The Nanny.

Devoted Elvis Presley fans come in all shapes and forms. Discover 20 of the men, women and children who impersonate the King.

Peaceful protests throughout Saturday were hijacked by agitators later in the day, leading to multiple arrests and officers getting injured, Chicago police said.

As Americans mark the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment recognizing women’s right to vote, the story of suffragist doctors and nurses who fought to save lives in World War I and prove their citizenship through valor is a timely reminder of the honor and respect still due to too many forgotten American […]

The coronavirus pandemic has dampened a lot of people’s love lives. But for one New York couple, it has inspired a new and exciting way to rekindle romance in their relationship.

The pandemic is adding a layer of risk to young indigenous lives and government officials tell CNN the impact on mental health may linger for years. “Living in a reserve it gets depressing over time. You begin to feel isolated, you find yourself parting ways with your friends. It takes a huge toll on your […]

The United States is approaching 170,000 deaths from Covid-19, yet there have been few signs of collective mourning among Americans.

Forecasters are now calling for an increased chance of La Niña this fall, which could enhance an already overly active hurricane season.

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